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The Spectrum Experience

At The Spectrum Eye Centre we offer more than just eye exams and eyewear, we provide complete eye care solutions that use current technology to get a full picture of your eyes and find the perfect vision solution. We call this four-step approach The Spectrum Experience.

As doctors we place a high emphasis on clinical investigation of your eyes and offer a range of different types of examinations ranging from a generalised standard eye test through to specialised ones, which focus on specific conditions. 
Dr Travis Robertson performing a dilated retinal exam
Vision Pre-Testing

A series of innovative tests detailing your eye information will be obtained before you see the doctor

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The Exam

After your pre-test, our doctors will assess your vision in detail for a complete ocular health assessment.

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Lens Technology

If corrective eyewear is needed, we'll help you find the perfect lens for your vision and lifestyle needs.

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Custom Fit Technology

Upon selection of your lenses and frames, we'll complete a personalized fitting to ensure your new eyewear or contacts fit perfectly

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