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Electronic Medical Records

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In combination with our image management system Synergy, and our EMR system we are able to connect , manage and review your records to provide the very best eye care sevice. We provide new patients with convenient pre-registration and existing patients with an easy way of keeping their information upto-date. We collect demographics, insurance, referral and other vital information.

Electronic Health Records

Encourage patients to participate in their care! Make it easy for them to share and update their personal health history including medications, allergies, health status, family history, etc.

Appointment Scheduling

We allow our patients to request an appointment online and place
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We Use EyeRoute Synergy Connected To Our Electronic Medical Records

What makes EyeRoute Synergy unique:
»EyeRouteSynergy is a comprehensive software platform intended for use in importing, processing and storage of clinical images and videos of the eye.
» We store, manage and review data from all our ophthalmic devices side by side
» We communicate and share information with our colleagues, in real time, through our secure Synergy Community Portal®
» We compare current and historical exams fast and efficiently
» EyeRoute enhanced our workflow for ease of access to the data in your chart.
» We have complete interoperability between our Ophthalmic devices and our electronic medical record
» Automatically register and align your eye ocular images, regardless of procedure.

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In summary, EyeRoute Synergy provides us as your doctor the ability to easily collect, store, manage and access digital ophthalmic data created by the latest device technology. . This data may be accessed from anywhere, at anytime through the use of secured internet connections so that your eye well being is our high priority.
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