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The Spectrum Eye Centres are open at both our East Eye Centre at 2627 Star Lite St. and 4401 Albert St. South. Please contact us at for more information.


Update 2022

The Spectrum Eye Centre places our team and our patient’s safety above all else. We take pride in meeting and even exceeding the infection control protocols of the Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists, and are taking extraordinary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 since March 2020. The Covid 19 Delta variant and others such as Omicron still pose a serious health threat and until more trends are established, the following protocols are in place at our Eye Centres as we move forward.

Please note that all our staff are fully vaccinated
We will no longer require patients to call from their vehicles to check in, whoever everyone entering the off must check in at the front desk.

Appointments are recommended for all visits to the office , including glasses , pick-ups and adjustments. This allows us to provide the best experience possible , including prompt and efficient service.

We will do our best to help walk-ins in a timely manner as well, but please understand that we will still be following physical distancing practices so there may be some restrictions to this.

Those visiting the dispensary will need to wear a mask while in close contact with others.

1)  Before your arrival, we encourage you to have filled out a new patient information
form by email. This will eliminate any paper and allows us to have our computer exams fully ready. To assist with contact tracing, arrival and departure times of people in the office will still be tracked.
2)  You will be greeted by a staff member as you enter and be provided with a surgical mask if you do not have one for any eye exam. Hand sanitizer is located all through out the office and we encourage you to frequently use the automated systems.
3) COVID -19 screening will not continue for any one entering the office. This includes a questionnaire about possible symptoms and exposure. We ask that if you or anyone in your household are not feeling well, you reschedule your visit to a later date.
4) The installed Lexan barriers at our front desk will remain and expect the 1-2 meter social distancing to be in place as much as possible. Luckily, the space we have at the Spectrum allows us to do this very well.

All of our team will be in surgical scrubs and
will be wearing surgical masks

5) We have taken the step of doing iCare tonometry to check eye pressures to minimize tear splash and this method of obtaining eye pressures will continue. Recently we have installed the latest non contact method of obtaining eye pressure that is dry safe.
6) We have installed Lexan barriers in our frame gallery and set up dispensing stations to insure you stay safe while our dispensers assist you with all of your optical eye wear needs. It is mandatory, those visiting the dispensary are still encouraged to wear a mask while in close contact with others.

All of our pre-test and exam rooms and equipment will be
personally sanitized for each patient.

You will notice fewer waiting room chairs, spaced out
to encourage physical distancing

You can still have your glasses or contacts delivered directly
to your home for free. If you would rather pick them up
at the clinic you can also request curbside pickup.

The Spectrum will strive to minimize the risk of transmission in any way possible and as such we appreciate your understanding and patience with the measures we are implementing during this time.
Minimal contact time has been advised and as such our team will work to be as efficient as possible. 
 We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy. 
The Spectrum Eye Centre