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As eye doctors we place a high emphasis on clinical investigation of your eyes and as such utilize todays digital pre-testing technology that provides us at the building blocks to diagnose and quickly recommend your best eye care solution. Our pre-test gathering is extensive for we gather all the information needed to examine the health of the tissues inside of your eyes and have it available in the exam room. We are committed to offering our  patients advance digital technology. We believe that our technology and preventative eye care screening leads to the diagnosis and treatment of eye and non-eye disease at an earlier stage. Below is a list of some of the eye diagnostic equipment and technology we use while performing your pre-test.

A Sample of The Spectrum Eye Centre's Visionary Pre-Test Technology

  • Canon retinal imaging
  • Optomap ultra wide digital retinal imaging
  • Humphrey Visual Fields
  • Visionix lensometry
  • Spectralis retinal imaging
  • RAPDX pupil diagnostics
  • Pentacam HR corneal imaging
  • Tear Lab
  • CellChek XK Specular Microscope
  • Lipiflow-LipiView by Tear Science
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